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The Tiny Little is not so tiny any more. She is now a 9 month old trying out table food with the two teeth she has managed to grow, all by herself.

Someone get that Little a gold medal in teeth growing.

So today I decided to feed her pizza during our pajama party. Tiny was scarfing it down and protesting if I took too long to get her another chunk. She was gnawing away at a piece when she reached both her hands out to try to steal my piece of pizza. I told her to back it up and keep to her own plate.

Tiny looks back down and realizes her plate is empty. She starts freaking out. She’s looking on the floor, in her chair, she even shook her tiny fists at Lola. Someone stole her pizza.

Witty- Cake

Apparently, this applies to pizza also.

I’m laughing so hard at this point that I’m making it worse. Tiny is getting angrier and angrier by the second. Finally she grabs her face as if to rip it off and chuck it at my head, when she finds a surprise.

Her pizza chunk was in her mouth with a huge wad of it between her lips.

It’s like the sunglasses on your head as you search the house for them.

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