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Behind Daycare Gates.

One Little’s story of hardship, heartache and heroism.

My Tiny Little has learned how to crawl and can stand up while holding onto furniture. Standing being a very fluid word. Sometimes stand means “to fall slowly” and other times it means to “clutch very hard with your hands while your legs wobble like jello.” And my favorite definition of stand, in regard to this particular Little, is when it means “to victoriously have both feet on the floor while holding a toy in the air and screaming with glee.”

Sadly, due to the first two definitions of stand, I have to protect the Tiny Little from herself. I gated off the daycare area so she can’t get onto the tile dining room floor, grab onto a chair, and fall over like a stiff board onto her brain.

She’s not thanking me one bit. It’s like she’s too young to understand that brain matter needs to be protected. So now every time I have to step over that gate to get something, she loses her mind completely. She stands at the gate and wages a fierce war with tears and boogers until I come back to her side.

One day she’s going to thank me, unfortunately by then I’ll be completely deaf from all the protesting.Witty- kill oxygen

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