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Lola is such a drama queen. Last night I started packing up Christmas, not because I necessarily wanted to, but because I knew if it stayed out much longer I would be trying to dust tiny baby Jesus and would most likely break the little guy. And since he tried to murder Lola earlier this month, I figured I’d be having to explain this episode of retaliation to the big man upstairs one day.

I don’t need that kind of heat in my life. <– Pun intended, you know, ’cause this is a comedy blog and all.

So there I am packing up Christmas and Lola is lying in front of my feet every time I turn around. She’s blocking the Christmas bins and tripping me when I try to step over her. I finally ended up gut checking her on accident during a particularly clumsy move (both of us are ill-equipped to stay upright) and Lola starting crying like a baby.

She was on the couch, whimpering and whining like I broke her damn ribs. I walk over and she starts to really get going. She’s crying and batting me with a paw and doing my favorite sad puppy eyes. I think I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

It was pathetic.

So I said the magic word, cheese, and she was instantly better.


Now I know how my mother feels.

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