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It has been quite the week with my Littles. Yesterday the Big Little mastered the art of walking. Well, by mastered I mean he stumbles around like a drunken sailor on a Friday night.

Which is perfect since we’re all Navy!

But today got even better; the Tiny Little learned how to sit up. For the past week or so she has managed to pull off the Playboy pose; side sitting with one arm holding the upper body off the ground. But picture a really chunky Little with double chins and no teeth.

Today Tiny Little managed to get all the way up, legs out in front and torso swaying above her lower body. She was so damn proud of herself that she grinned and laughed and then promptly fell back over.

Tiny takes a few minutes to get her strength back and then pushes herself into sitting position again. She grabs a toy and decides to just use her arms to hold herself upright. Twenty seconds go by and I’m watching the most painful looking position I’ve ever seen a Little contort into. She is now folded in half, both arms splayed out on either side of her legs and she’s yelling her guts out. I knew exactly what she was saying.

“Come on ab muscles!! You can DO this!!!”

Sadly, her ab muscles just couldn’t support all 18 pounds of chunky fat rolls. I know the feeling Little, want a Twinkie?!?

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