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Today, one of my Littles broke the walking barrier. The Big Little had previously taken steps and made attempts at walking from handhold to handhold, but today he achieved his life long dream.

He stood up from the floor using no support and walked across the house to get to me because I had food. Crawling is officially done! And the knees of his pants thank him.

Now, I’ve already warned him to take it easy on the weekends, he may get detained for being drunk. I mean, he tilts all crazy to one side and stumbles around like Vodka is coursing through his veins. Lock everything down people, another Little is ready for the world!!!

The Tiny Little is a little less enthusiastic than I am about this walking achievement. The Big Little keeps tipping over and landing on her. I explained to Tiny that it is all her fault. She’s so darn chubby that it’s a nice cushion to the fall. Tiny Little wants him to crawl again.

Lola is even less enthusiastic than the Tiny Little about this walking. The Big Little uses Lola to catch himself while he’s walking. He took Lola down today so as punishment Lola has been knocking him over with her head all morning. Lola wants him to crawl again.

And now that I think about it, I’m not too thrilled about this walking either. He’s going to be impossible to corral when we go outside. He’s definitely going to go in the mud in the backyard. The Giant wants him to crawl again.

Oh my god. I wish he were crawling again. He hates getting his hands all dirty. It was perfect for keeping him on the patio and off the muddy yard.

And there you have it…someone wins by screwing over the rest of the group.

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