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I really, really suck at the post one blog per day for the whole month of November challenge. It’s been 4 days without a post. In my defense, I was afraid to post randomly stupid things that would make my readers start to dull their shanks to inflict maximum damage upon my person for filling their inbox and news feed with random things like my grocery list.

I am also in the midst of wondering where in the hell I got the bright idea to bake this wedding cake for my friend’s kid….this upcoming weekend.

Even more distressing than the fact that I have never, ever decorated a wedding cake in my life, is the fact that I am now old enough that my friends’ children are marrying age.

Life is really starting to get away from me and what have I accomplished?!?!?!

Right when I was about to give up on accomplishing anything in my lifetime, I stumbled across this little gem:


Naps are accomplishments!

Shank you, overachievers of this world, I am winning at life.

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