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Lola kept me up all night with her excessive squirming. She was acting like it was -4 degrees in the bedroom when in actuality, it was 67 degrees. I was suffering from heat stroke and she was seeking out a winter coat to wear.

It was awful.

Then the Tiny Little shows up to daycare and she is scooting all over her crib desperately seeking something. After 15 minutes of her rolling around and shoving herself into every corner without finding what she was seeking, I realized she was cold. Here’s the thing about daycare, we can’t use any blankets and many babies use blankets at home with their parents.

Tiny Little was freezing and needed some warmth.

I look over at Lola lying next to the heater while shaking thanks to the frozen tundra our home had become and for a split second, I considered throwing Lola into the crib and allowing the two of them to warm each other up.

To my knowledge, there’s no Navy rule that says English Bulldogs cannot enter a crib to warm a baby who is on the verge of perishing from frostbite.

Only blankets are banned…

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