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The Big Little is not thrilled with the developments that the Tiny (name given due to age, NOT weight since she is huge) Little made this weekend.

The Tiny Little has learned to push her chunky body across the floor to get where she needs to go. It’s a scene to watch as she uses her knees to push and doesn’t put her hands down to keep her face out of the carpet. I better take some video of her doing this before people accuse me of dragging infants across the ground for fun.

So the Tiny Little decided she wanted toys today. Not her silly little baby toys on her play mat. Nope, she determined all the good toys existed in the realm called The Other Side of the Play Area. So with determination and a bit of luck she made it over to the Big Little and his toys.

Where she promptly grabbed onto the dragon’s tail and started chewing.


I bet the Big Little is regretting taking the dragon from its lair, if he had climbed in the tent the Tiny one would have never found him.

The Big Little was displeased. He started with a bellow that sounded like “hey, motherf_ker, get your own damn dragon!” and then waited for his Tiny friend to respond.

Obviously, the 4 month old didn’t know she needed to respond.

So the Big Little gave it another shot. He yelled out and pulled the dragon’s tail away from her. The Tiny Little proceeded to rub her face raw to get that tail back.

So the Big Little decided he had enough of that and he rolled the Tiny Little over until she was facing the glass sliding door. The Tiny Little was instantly distracted by all the photographs of the previous Big Little to realize she had no dragon tail.

The Big Little for the win!

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