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I was reading a Slate article online yesterday and I made the mistake of clicking on a link in the article. I wasn’t paying attention and as I read the page, my hand drifted and I clicked. I was immediately diverted to Amazon which was fortunate since I love the shit out of them. But then I actually looked at what page I was on. It was a page where I could buy a sex toy and if I applied for the Amazon credit card I’d save $50 on this thing. Wow, what a steal!


Now I have received an email asking me if I liked that sex toy and would I like to browse other ones on their site? When I next logged onto Amazon to do some Christmas shopping I was given the shock of a century. There it is, listed with my recently viewed items, a dildo next to the deep freezer.

My “things you may be interested in” section just got scary.

I hate you internet. And stop putting so many links everywhere, it’s like a minefield trying to read the news!!!

Enjoy all these links, I promise they don’t lead you down a dark hole of shopping despair.

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