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I am laughing over all this outrage “the public” has for Ray Rice and the NFL.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider domestic violence to be the worst offense committed, second only to child abuse. It needs to be stopped.

But the mass amount of people who are “outraged” need to put their money where their mouth is. I’m talking total boycott.

No attendance at stadiums, no televisions tuned in, every single team, every single game, until the NFL fires the head idiot and they come up with a concrete minimum penalty that is immediate dismissal from the league.

Immediate.dismissal. You can always be reinstated if an investigation shows you were innocent of the claims (If that happens, you make need to rethink who you have close to you, they sound like assholes if they’re falsely accusing you of things).

Don’t keep telling the internet universe how much you “deplore” domestic violence but your “beloved team” wasn’t part of that so you can continue to support them. Every NFL player, every NFL owner, every NFL viewer is part of it. Your dollars tell them it’s okay to carry on with what they are doing.

Now that I’ve addressed that I’d like to take one more serious moment here.

13 years ago my country was bombed by terrorists. We made it through as a country and are doing pretty good. While you’re thinking about those who were lost on this day 13 years ago, think about those who are currently being killed at this very moment in terroristic acts all over the world. Don’t fool yourself by avoiding the news, it is happening.

Send up a thought, prayer, smiley face emoticon or whatever else you believe in for their safety.

Now on to the funny part of the day. I only have two Littles in care today and they were both soundly napping. All of a sudden, I see both heads shoot up at the same time and they start wailing. I get them both lying down again and they fall back asleep.

5 minutes later, it happens again. Same time, both heads shoot up and they scream.

Nothing seems to be causing this to happen. It must be the gravitational pull of the Earth. I’m going to need the Earth to stop rotating for the next two hours please. The Giant relies on nap time to make it through the daycare day.

I wonder if infants are swayed by bribery involving Twinkies?!!

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