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Last night I struggled to fall asleep. It was after midnight and I knew that clock was going to go off at 0500. My brain was doing the “if you fall asleep right now you’ll get (blank) hours of sleep” deal that all brains do to stay awake and torture your body.

Stupid brain.

I wasn’t thinking of anything, I have no problems in my life (other than sharks and spiders) and Lola was happily cuddled up and peacefully snoring. Everything was as it should be.

And yet I couldn’t fall asleep.

Fast forward 4 hours and my alarm goes off. I fall out of bed due to a completely numb arm from my shoulder to my fingertips. Then I stumble to the bathroom and flip on the light and BAM! There’s a spider in the middle of the floor.


I kill him without shrieking which proves how very tired I was.

So I take a shower and get dressed for work.

Halfway down the hall I realized I hadn’t even gotten my hair wet, let alone washed it.

Daycare today is going to be like entering the Thunderdome.

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