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So a reader (Ronnie) recently commented on my last post about Amazon Prime. The post where I admitted to buying a year’s worth of Skittles. Because I could.

Ronnie tells me that her husband also got sucked in by Amazon. He bought 18 pounds of jelly beans. 18 pounds!!! To put that in perspective I did some math for you all. I bought 8.1 pounds of Skittles.


There’s a possibility I ordered more junk food from Amazon as soon as I realized how far ahead in the game Ronnie’s husband is…

And I’ve decided to heed her advice and form a support group.

I was having trouble deciding what type of group was needed. Were we people with candy addictions? Zombie Apocalypse nuts who couldn’t resist buying in bulk, because even candy will be needed at the end? Internet shoppers who couldn’t resist the free shipping that comes along with our Prime membership?

And then I stumbled onto the perfect group to start.

Analyzers Anonymous. (You can spell Analyzers with an s or a z, according to a dictionary. After a careful analysis I decided that spelling it with a z lent a much more sophisticated feel to my group. And this explanation right here is why my group is named appropriately.)

We accept all members with any problem they’d like to keep anonymous about. Candy eaters, Amazon addicts, people who like too much cheese and anyone running on too little sleep. Pretty much everyone is welcome.

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