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Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One.


So let’s recap my life to date.

I watched Jaws before I turned 10.

I was born and raised in Hawaii. (You know, the place with all the ocean.)

My parents are from New Jersey.

So let’s put these facts together and what do you get? A kid who was mind-fucked by a shark with his own theme song, who couldn’t escape the ocean that surrounded her. On the few occasions that she made a break from the island, it was to visit family.

On the shore where the famous shark attacks occurred that inspired the movie!!!

And that’s how I became the adult I am today…

I’ll let you know if I lived after the movie marathon today. Lola asks that someone do a Bulldog welfare check if no one hears from me by 1730. She’d like her dinner on time, in spite of her Mommybeast’s death from fear.

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