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So I’ve enrolled two new Littles in my home daycare. One of them is not adapting well to the hustle and bustle of daycare life. And I think he hates me. I know everyone says that babies don’t hate adults, they don’t even know how to. I know this in my rational brain. But in my emotional brain, all I can believe is that this Little hates my guts.

We go on playdates and he is a champion. We have playdates at our house, he is a champion. We are home by ourselves, he screams like he’s dying. Bottles, diapers, rocking, hugs, cuddles, bouncy seat, Lola….He hates it all. But when another provider holds him he grins this huge, cheesy grin at them.

Me, I get nothing. Just grumbles and grump and all around discontent.

Yesterday I prayed for a Bat Signal. I mean, surely Batman could keep this Little calm for 2 seconds!!! I couldn’t find it.  I have now put the signal on my Christmas list for this year. I bet Amazon sells it. (FREE SHIPPING!!!)

The other two Littles all went home screaming with no nap and parents who looked terrified to be sent home with said infants. And the Little who hates me…he was completely happy the moment his mommy came in.

See? He hates me!

Today I was driven by desperation to camp out at another provides house until 1pm. I ate her food. I made her feed the Little who hates me. I even had a third provider change diapers. And the Little was happy, watching everyone, smiling at other adults. And then we go home…

It’s official. He hates me. I’m going to need that Bat Signal a lot quicker than Christmas!

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