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I found this post just sitting in my draft box. Guess I forgot to hit publish. I don’t know how that day turned out, but I am hopeful it was good since I don’t remember it. Otherwise the only option is that is was so bad I had to permanently delete it from my brain’s memory card.

So this morning I woke up and within 3 hours I had mentally called over 10 people morons.

I had prayed a few more would get shanked.

I had heartily approved of my Big Little shaking in rage at the audacity of life in general.

So I’m going to say it, since my Big Little doesn’t have the words:


We are tired because we played too hard over the weekend. Some of us had active nights that included falling out of cribs. Others had early mornings involving Hubsters melting down over….who the hell knows, it was prior to 5am.

And all we wanted was yummy, delicious food for breakfast. And it seemed like the whole world was working against us.

Stupid weather and the stupid rain. We only like you when we are staying home.

And stupid dishwasher for throwing water out your front. I mean, get a damn grip.

And big, fat, Lola buttface was grumpy as well.

The Big Little, Lola and I ask that everyone in the world please excuse us while we throw a tantrum. We’ll see you on the other side.

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