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This week is just over.

First the huge Navy inspection. Followed by another navy inspection.

And then today, the day of happiness, buttercups and field trips, resulted in a Little in the Emergency Room.


The Big Little and I were walking down a quaint street in Poulsbo, near where we live, and we passed by this large, low glass window. It’s filled with colorful board books perfect for the Littles who inhabit my home.

The Little tugs and I go with her into the store. As we are ensconced in the children’s corner, the Big Little is happily pulling one book from the shelf at a time and then after perusing the cover she puts it back.

I’m 23 inches away from her when she finds a book to her liking. So she takes the book off the shelf and places it on the children’s seat that is near her. Then she bends down to pick up a book from the floor and it all goes sideways.

She cracks her chin on the chair and when she stands up she has blood pouring from her mouth. So I start applying pressure and looking for the wound and when I see it on the tongue, this huge laceration that is staring at me, I call mom and instruct the Hubster to bring the car around.

We were heading to the ER since mom and dad both work there and this Little is just looking at me with her huge wounded baby seal eyes and screaming as if her life is over.

While blood pours around the ice pack.

We get to the ER and the Big Little is, of course, now calm and drinking water- generally ok with her life.

And I felt fucking ridiculous when she got released from the ER back into my care and nothing had to be done to her.

I promised her that she could have any dessert she ever wants for the rest of her life. I also may have promised her a pony. But I’m not a 100% certain since I was so mad at myself for making a joke in my head when she initially hit the chair.

What was the joke? You guys are sick. But I’ll indulge you.

“When did that chair get there?!?”

I’m going straight to hell.

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