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Lola ate a baby wipe. In one single gulp. One moment it was there, the next moment it was gone. And thus began the weekend of looking WAY too closely at a dog’s poop.

Let’s go back to Friday and you’ll take this journey with me….

So the Big Little was having a snack and talking with me and her mommy. When she was done eating I did the same thing I always do, which is hand her a baby wipe and let her learn how to wipe her own face, hands, and various furniture that she can reach.

When she was done wiping down everything in her immediate vicinity, she wadded up the wipe into a tiny ball, reached over, and put it to Lola’s face. Lola being the dork she is, thought it was snack and ate it.

I called the vet and had a moment of relief when the tech asks me if it was just one wipe or the whole bag of wipes. So evidently, this isn’t a rare occurrence. I was then told to check her poop and watch out for the nausea and diarrhea that accompanies stupid dogs eating stupid baby wipes because they are stupid.

Stupid Lola. I dare you to diarrhea on my carpet. I fucking dare you. Baby wipe or not, I am one step away from losing it completely!

So Lola spent the evening looking miserable AND guilty which is a pretty comical face, let me tell you.

And today, after two and a half long days of looking through poop, I got to witness a dog shitting out a baby wipe. And the Big Little was there with me. As it came out, the Big Little was kind enough to put words to my dismay…

“Uh oh Lola….Whoa….Hedder (that’s me)….Lola help!”

Yep, the Big Little has quite the way with words.

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