The other day I was touring Facebook, which is a really classy way of saying I was wasting time and getting nothing accomplished. But when you say touring, it leads people to believe you had a purpose in life.

Anywhoo, so I came across a little ad for Caboodles.

Like old school, but brand new from their website, Caboodles from the 80s.

80s Caboodles80s Caboodles

Who knew that Caboodles were still around?!?!

If you answered “me” you can go shank yourself! How come I wasn’t notified?!?!?!

So I did what any mature adult would do. I ordered one.

Primped & Polished

I almost ordered the neon pink one that looked just like the one I wanted when I was a kid but instead my parents got me this little yellow organizer that had no handle or lid or really anything that made it like a caboodle.

Wow, it still hurts…

However, I decided to be a grown up and I ordered a black case instead. Who knew they had so many “adult versions” of this beloved 80s gear?! And bonus, it’s got trays that lift up and stay up with hinges. None of those “where do I put this down at so I can get the other one out” moments like my friends all faced as children.


Saddest part of this entire post…I still love and use the yellow organizer my mom and dad picked out for me and my tiny hair accessories that were impossible to keep track of. Hello, remember the thousands of plastic barrettes you were required to have in order to represent every facet of your personality and mood?! I’m holding onto this little chunk of childhood and even pack it myself instead of letting those military movers steal it from me.

Yellow Organizer

It really is perfect. 

Damn my parents for being so perfect, makes it hard to hold a grudge about that unfulfilled Caboodle desire.

Just a FYI mom, it’s almost my birthday and I may need some Hello Kitty plastic barrettes to put in my Caboodle. So, let’s get you to Sanrio soon, okie doke?