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Today was quite an active day in the Land of the Giant.

We started off strong with a base lockdown that resulted in a multitude of phone calls and message alerts sent throughout our group of daycare providers. Official word is that it was a car backfiring.


But according to the Kitsap Sheriff they searched all the area around the base for shell casings. You know, several thousand square feet of dense woods in a matter of minutes. I mean, why aren’t these guys looking for the missing Malaysian plane?!?!

Methinks we will never get a real answer, but that may just be the government conspiracy theorist inside of me.

It’s tough to put her away once she is out running on the field.

Anywhoo, we’re going to just nod and say I bet it was Mater trying to tow Lightning McQueen that caused the noise. *Nods her head and moves towards the candy jar on the counter*

The Big Little decided to add some laughter to our day. She was running as fast as her chunky little legs would possibly allow her to when all of a sudden she roared this tremendous amount of gas out of her tuckus.

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around with wide eyes. She whipped her head around a few times and then decided it was her imagination.

So she runs as fast as she can and once again, another load comes out her rear.

Stop. Whip around. Look at everyone who is clearly across the room and not close enough to make that noise. Nothing. Can’t find the source.

So she tries one more time to get that sprint going and another fart breaks the silence. This time she stops, grabs her diaper and drops to the floor like a Victorian lady discovering a nude male in her bedroom.

And she just lied there.

And lied there.

And lied there.

All while holding the back of her diaper. I think she thought an organ came out or something.

So I eventually stop laughing and make my way over to her and she just stares at me in distress. I flip her onto her belly to check for poop and there’s nothing.

I tell her she can get up, it’s ok.

She gets on her hands and knees to get back up and another gas bubble flies out. She hit the ground like it was a damn grenade.

And this time she says “fuck it, I didn’t want to run anyways!” and stays down. I was kind enough to give her a book to read.

Poor Little, she doesn’t even know the horror that awaits her at lunch.


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