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Today the Littles were off their game and everyone was feeling feisty. I like rain, but apparently the Littles felt differently about it after 4 days.

The Tiny Little was freaking out about life in general. Here’s how his day went:

Hold me. 

Put me down.

Why did you put me down?!?

I need a nap.

Hey, I don’t want to go in my crib!

Give me a bottle.

Yuck! Why’d you jam a bottle in my mouth?!?

Pick me up.

Put me down you jerk!

Hey, you, give me some peas!



At this point, I started heaving my own lunch and decided the best thing to do was to get the Tiny down for a nap.

And he wouldn’t do it. Poor Little was fed up with life and nothing I could do would help.

Okie dokie, kill me now, Pokie.

On the other hand, the Big Little was having a rockstar day. She was singing, dancing, laughing, kissing. I think she even autographed my stomach with a crayon.

And then at nap time she pulled what I will forever call The Corpse move.

I walked by her cot and her eyes were open, staring blankly ahead.

Mind you, she’s been asleep for an hour by this time.

So I call her name and get no response.

I crouch in front of her, nothing.

I tap her back, zilch.

So with the goosebumps on my arms and my hair standing on end, I reach out and close her eyes like you would a corpse.

And had to run across the room to jump up and down like Lola seeing a spider.

I will now have nightmares of this Little’s eyes opening up each time she naps and staring at me as I play on my computer. And I must say, I’m too scared right now to look at her and see if her eyes are open again…

I may have to terminate care.

And in other news, I was going to catch up on my Ghost Hunters DVR list tonight, but we’ll postpone until I get the poop stains off my current underwear…

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