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So just a side note since many people have asked this question recently. None of the Littles in this blog are my own; they all belong to other people. At the end of the night I kick them all out and sit down with the Hubster and Lola, the cutest English Bulldog that ever roamed the earth, and laugh at the fact that the next shift will be awake for midnight feedings. Suckers! 

Last week the Big Little potty trained me so I can finally be free of diapers (thank god, it’s been 30 years!). Today the Big Little decided I needed to learn how to cook and she was just the Little to teach me.

I’m in the kitchen prepping the chicken to go into the oven. I start to hear this screeching at the gate behind me so I turn around and the Little is pointing towards the cabinet where I keep my spices. I point and ask her if I need to open it and she screeches again. I get out the spices and proceed to sprinkle things on the chicken all while the Little jabbers behind me about when to stop, how much more to add, etc.

And then she walked me through how to make our green bean casserole and homemade macaroni and cheese. Goodness, I don’t know how she learned how to cook all these dishes….

Needless to say, it was an exhausting 45 minutes and I now know how my parents felt. This Little jabbers as if she’s my own child.

As the chicken is ready to come out of the oven, I call out to her to stand back. Little doesn’t really need to stand back since I have a safety gate up, but I figure it’s good practice. She calls back out to me in what I learned later was “be careful!” As I reach in to the oven, my arm hits the edge and I yell as I jump backwards.


She was screaming and trying to tear the gate off the wall in her effort to get to me.

Then she lectured me through the whole meal. Have you ever sat with a 15 month old for 30 minutes as they eat chicken, mac & cheese, and green bean casserole while telling you what a goober you are? Meanwhile you shoved your food in like a fat kid and were done in 10 minutes…

Maybe she should be the one cooking.

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