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There has been a major shift in The Land of the Giant. The Big Little has moved on and is getting ready to leave the state with his mom and dad. You know, the humans he sees at dinner time. Apparently mom now knows what we do at each part of the day because the Little keeps making her follow our routine. 

What a champ that Little is!

The Medium Little has become the Big Little, and the Tiny Little is now Medium Little. We did a deck shuffle and are most likely going to have a new enrollee who is so young she practically has her umbilical cord still attached.

That image is going to haunt me.

I wonder if the new Tiny Little will be amenable to napping with the rest of the crew? Or maybe she’ll….never mind, go to your happy place, stay in your happy place… we’ll find out won’t we?!

The new Big Little is taking her title to heart and generally running the daycare in her crime partner’s absence. Today was spent crying and throwing ourselves on the floor. In general, not much is learned by this other than the fact that the Giant ignores the crap out of you when you do it.

And you look fucking ridiculous. 

However, today was different. Today we learned the differences between a hard surface and a soft surface. (I love the natural science experiment that involves no help from the Giant!) Tantrums on the carpet result in general discomfort that is easily overlooked when you consider the epic number of calories being expended to throw the tantrum. Tantrums on the tile result in pain. Lots of pain. Like what just happened to my face kind of pain. And the newly appointed Big Little wished that the previous Big Little had been there to throw that tantrum for her.

If only there wasn’t a daily tantrum quota, she could have just happily played.

To top it all off, Big Little was dealing with the disappointing end to her favorite pair of socks….

daycare“Fuckballs. Why is there a hole in my sock?! How am I going to buy another pair of these?!?! I better suck up to those guys whose DNA I carry or I am out of luck! Which totally ruins my plans of messing up their night so bad they want to poke their eyes out and leave me sitting in a pile of chocolate syrup and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

There is a small possibility that this Little was not ready to step into the Big’s shoes – she’s crumbling under the pressure.

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