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While my post title may be true, I feel the need to add the caveat that this advice should not be grouped into that category. The advice I’m giving out today is accurate. Probably.

The internet has been busy this week. There were so many search terms used to find my blog that I had a hard time deciding which one to write about. This week’s favorite search term was:

Babysitter who uses profanity around my kid

HAHAHAHAHAHA! While I don’t use profanity around my daycare, nor do I allow anyone else to do so, this does sum up the posts on my blog rather well. There will be another post highlighting The Littles’ day soon – and I’m going to use a lot of profanity to describe it. Mainly because I like to swear, but I also want more people find my blog since that search term was so damn popular.

Now, to all the lost, confused, and angry parents who searched this – fire your babysitter immediately. Seriously, no one should be cursing in front of your children. Unless you pay them peanuts and expect them to clean up your pigsty of a house. In which case, they have full right to swear away while laughing at the thought of you dealing with the school principal for weeks to come. The babysitter should also feel free to write a hysterical blog, using as much profanity as she can, to convey the hilarity of the situations that Littles find themselves in.


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