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Were you terrified that I didn’t survive my Ikea run over the weekend with a Little in the cart?! I didn’t die, but it was a damn close call. Followed by hours of ecstasy as I loaded my cart with all SORTS of junk that I needed to have so that my Littles could run free and happy through the day.

*Fun fact: the carts at Ikea have four wheels (duh!) that all swivel 360 degrees. That’s right! All four, not just the front two. I used this opportunity to spin the Little in a shopping cart while I remained firmly in one place. She almost threw up while her mommy was in the restroom and I had to swear the Little to secrecy. 

Back to the shopping! Toys, furniture, art supplies – you name it, I bought it. I got a cool castle tent with an awesome dragon to lie on or lounge with, whatever you choose.


I also got a new tiny table for two, so my two Littles could sit for art and not be enticed to eat the supplies. The table situation was my theory for why my Littles always throw a fit when we do art. They get put at the eating table and naturally think they will get food…and then I surprise them with stupid crayons and tell them to not eat them.

I’m a jerk.

But no longer! Feast your eyes on all the new toys, Littles! I even bought a hammer and peg toy. A hammer? Did I say a hammer? Why? Why? WHY?

The day started off really well. We did art and only one crayon was consumed. We played music. We even pretended to eat our new fake food set. And then, as the three-day weekend exhaustion set in, we degraded into this:


Needless to say, all the Littles were dropped into cribs, cots or whatever small hole I could find to put them into for their nap.

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