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Today one of the Littles had a conversation with Lola. Now, as a Giant, I have an inability to decipher the code that Littles use when conversing with those of the canine species. So I’m going to sum up the conversation for you based on hand gestures, body language, and the inevitable betrayal that I witnessed.

The Little asked Lola to bust her out of daycare since the Giant wouldn’t let her do whatever she wanted to do. Normally the Giant is not such a tyrant but the Little’s goal of the day was to crush our tiniest daycare Little underneath her significantly larger body.

For no apparent reason that I could determine.

She may have wanted to test gravity. Or the fluidity of a tiny Little. Or she may have been trying to transfer her mass to him so that she could fit into her skinny jeans.

Lola decided to comply with the Little’s request for an escape from daycare jail. The Giant went to the potty, and when I returned Lola was pushing open the gate and the Little was halfway out of the opening.

The Little looked up and made eye contact with me, looked back at Lola, took a step back into daycare and said “no, Lola” as she shook her finger at the puppy.

The betrayal that runs rampant in my daycare is shocking. And in desperate need of a reality show film crew following us around.

Outsmart Lola

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