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I went to Genki sushi. With a Little. Mayhem ensued.

Helpful note: Genki sushi is a Japanese restaurant that uses a conveyor belt to rotate sushi around the restaurant. It is literally a train of food that never ends. Otherwise known as Fat Kid Paradise.

We began our journey to Genki sushi, prepared for the hour and 15 minute drive we had in front of us. I’d like to say the driving time was for the round trip, but that is only one way. After being on the road for more than half an hour, I realized I had left behind the only thing that helps me look like a human while eating at a sushi restaurant. 


My chopstick helpers. Like a child, I cannot operate these sticks so I am reduced to using my fingers if I forget to bring this device with me.

I was half tempted to turn the car around but I knew Lola would throw a tantrum if I ran into the house and then left again. So in order to ensure the Lolabeast didn’t make an appearance while I was gone for hours, I would have to embarrass myself at yet another sushi joint.

We got lucky and the Little took a power nap on the way to Genki. She woke up on the naughty side of the car seat, mostly due to the adult’s decision to see if today was the day she could successfully use a booster chair. We regretted it immediately. The Little was wobbling all over the place but in generally great spirits. Until the drinks arrived.

The Little grew 10 hands and made sure we knew she was present as we grabbed sushi off the moving train. She would wait until the adults were busy watching the train for their favorites and then she made free with the ginger, wasabi, soy sauce and sodas. And when her saimen was delivered and she got to actually hold chopsticks, it became a major source of entertainment. Between shouts of “watch your eye” and “careful, you’ll poke the back of your throat” we forgot to watch our own eyes and were nearly blinded.

Then the tiny eclairs came around on the conveyor belt. And I thought “oh, what the hell. Sugar will just add some pizzaz to this fiasco.” She shoved the dessert in whole. It was quite comical because kids make the same face as an adult when the bite they took is too big. You can see the panic in their eyes as they either choke to death on food or spit it out. It’s a hard choice to make when the food in your mouth is delicious.

Little chose the choke on it option and it was a brutally long minute before we were convinced she would live.

But the best part of the day was watching the Little leave the restaurant in her white shirt. Coated in chocolate and rice residue. Soda splashed all over the back. A bit of wasabi still clinging behind her ears.

Victory was hers.

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