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My vision started to go spotty and blurry shortly after breakfast, which could only mean one thing – within an hour I would be experiencing severe pains through the right side of my head. I immediately took the migraine medicine I am allowed to use while still assuming responsibility for other people’s children.

The medicine was crap. It did not work at all, I’m not even sure my body knew it was in there. I might as well have taken a handful of breath mints.

I sat in the daycare area with an ice pack on my face and tried to shush the kids as best I could. The Medium Little thought we were playing a game and kept covering her eye with the palm of her hand. Meanwhile the Big Little shushed the Tiny Little for me and knocked his bouncy seat around in a haphazard attempt at a soothing motion.

Unfortunately for the Tiny Little, this resulted in a sea-sick reaction. Poor Tiny Little.

As the medicine did absolutely nothing, I started the vomiting and sweating portion of my migraine. Oh boy, that’s the best damn part!

I sprinted to the bathroom and didn’t realize the Big Little had managed to follow behind me until I heard “Oh no!” in the best nasal voice since Fran Drescher in The Nanny. The Big Little began circling me, slowly trying to determine how to get me to put the right end of my body onto the toilet. That’s when I felt it – a gentle patting on my back.

The Big Little developed empathy in the exact moment that I needed it.

Now that I’ve taken a nap and a nice narcotic, I need to think of an appropriate activity for tomorrow to say thank you. I think chocolate will be involved.

Witty- Daycare Babies

A very special shanks to the Littles’ parents for picking up early so I could drug myself into a coma!

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