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Mocha Frappe. A delicious invention involving coffee, ice cream, and a chocolate drizzle that makes you feel elegant even as you drink it in your pajamas.

I was gifted with a Mocha Frappe by one of the Little’s parents as she was picking up her daughter from daycare. As I lifted the wonderful, refreshing, to-die-for drink to my face, I looked up and saw the saddest eyes in the world.

The Little was looking at me with those eyes that get bigger and bigger with each passing second. Her arms reached out and I swear to God, a tear rolled down her cheek.

I, feeling generosity would still count even though I knew the Little would not actually be able to get any, passed the drink over and told her “if you can suck it up, you can have it.” This is the moment in life where generosity bit me so hard in the ass that I still carry a bruise.

She slurped up the largest “sip” a Little could ever manage.

I yanked that drink away as I realized that my dreams of caffeine and chocolate were dying, causing the Little to let out the highest pitched scream I had ever heard. I think dogs went deaf in my neighborhood that day.

Witty- kill oxygen

As she lost her mind, I sucked up frappe like a maniac and dodged tiny hands – my only hope was to drink enough before my eardrums ruptured, then I wouldn’t begrudge letting her finish it off.

Eventually I caved to the tiny dictator, well before my eardrums ruptured and with so much coffee and ice cream left in the cup that I was left bereft – with a very slight caffeine high instead of my usual jittery feeling of success.

Many tears and sips later and my Mocha Frappe is gone. But it was glorious while it lasted!

*The Little who consumed the frappe was owned by the mommy who brought it to me. Before you start screaming about how the caffeine/coffee causes stunted growth please shut up. Her mommy and daddy are in the medical field.ย 

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