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Holy crap, I need some damn sleep.

Last night was night three of very little sleep due to worry over the cutest little puppy that ever lived, Lola. I would fall asleep and wake up every time she twitched anything.

And today I am paying the price for it.

I woke up today and stretched and looked at the clock across the room and thought, “yes, I can sneak in 20 more minutes to sleep!” and rolled over to do so. And then something, just something, told me to look again. So I squint up my eyes that have no glasses giving them an assist and realize “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! THE LITTLE WAS SUPPOSED TO DROP OFF 10 MINUTES AGO!!!!!”

I do a dead sprint out of bed and while struggling to throw pants on I am frantically calling the Little’s mommy. She answers and I get the sweetest news of my day; the Little’s daddy had blocked mommy’s car in and he was running very late today. Jesus, Joe and Paul! I am saved!

So I run back into the room to brush my teeth and actually score some deodorant and I hear the door knock just as I finish. I must have done something right in life, God is loving me today.

And within 30 minutes of waking up I have my two Littles in care, three Littles and their Provider over, and we are all chowing down on food.

Then nap time came and the lack of sleep is hitting me hard. I sit down to work on some blog posts I have been editing and…….nothing.

I have not one thought in my head.

I am literally just typing gibberish and hitting delete.

I was hoping this post may help shake up my block, we’ll know based on tomorrow’s post. In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful picture of my squishy when she was a baby.


My mommy put me into this cage…she deserves the lack of sleep I am causing her now. And if she ever puts me in one of these again…

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