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So today I decided to look up the word Earth on Wikipedia.

It was a huge mistake.

My head hurts, my eyes are watering and I think I may have drooled out the words help me as my hand fell off the mouse.

I love Wikipedia. I just have one problem. I can never turn the page off until I am done reading the sections of the topic I picked.

And God help me if I click a blue link (which I almost always do).

It starts the cycle all over again.

So back to Earth. The first thing they tell me is that it is the third planet from the Sun. DUH! We already knew that because it was the title of a TV show! I am brilliant compared to the guy who thought he had to write that statement on the Wikipedia site.

Then I made a rookie Wikipedian mistake. I click the blue word SUN and off we go.

It’s a roller coaster of a ride, but someone’s got to take it. Suffice it to say, you can spend HOURS reading about the earth and related links and still not know anything other than we are the third planet from the sun.

And you already knew that because of TV.

Hours of my life wasted. I should shank myself.

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