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Lola HI!

So I’m lying in bed last night after a fun-filled day of daycare. Our bed has a specific order to it. Hubster on one side, Lola in the middle (lying on her side with feet pointing at Hubster) and me on the end. Everyone is usually pretty happy.

Until broken ribs and rolled ankles get thrown into the mix.

So last night Lola was exhausted because Hubster played with her too much and forgot that English bulldogs are too stubborn to stop – they play until they drop. Lola has her feet resting on Hubster’s side and I am slowly drifting off to sleep.

Then I feel this MASSIVE wave of puppy coming at me!! She pushed off of Hubster’s rib cage so hard that she made it all the way over to me.

I immediately look at her in concern and our conversation starts.

Me: Lola are you ok? You pushed so hard. You could hurt yourself.

Lola: I’m okay mom, just had to get comfy.

Me: Whew! I thought you hurt yourself. Are you sure you’re ok?

Lola: Yeah, I’m okay. I just needed some extra space. My chub wants to have breathing room.

Me: Ok, good night puppy.



Hubster: I’m glad to see we’re so worried about the puppy and the MASSIVE amount of movement she just did. Seeing as how she used my ribs to make all that movement, one would think my well being might be a concern! But you’re right Lola, let’s see if you’re ok. You need to be very careful. You might roll an ankle while breaking my ribs. You’re very delicate. I wouldn’t want you to hurt anything.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (tears are now streaming down my face) and as I am gasping for air all I can do is wonder why poor Hubster even gets into bed with us.

Lola: …. What a “victim” my Daddybeast is.

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