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Obviously a phrase not everyone is familiar with.

I just had a lovely attack conversation with a stranger who ran across my blog and decided I was a horrible person. It was quite comical. I never denied that I can be a horrible person.

I eat beef, so cows think I am horrible. Spam runs through my veins so pigs naturally think I am Hitler.

Horrible is quite a relative thing really.

So this person said that they (I don’t even know if it is a guy or girl, damn anonymous whiner) don’t understand how I can work with kids and have such a filthy mouth.

So I respond with the saying there’s a time and a place for everything and I am good at self-control. Unless there is spam involved.

The response is almost instantaneous “But surely you must be a horrible person because you swear when telling stories about your daycare.”

My response is quite truthful with “But I don’t swear around kids nor is the foul language aimed at a child. No foul language is used when they are present at all. Quite the opposite, I usually use swear words to show the hilarity of the moment from an adult’s eyes.”

Yeah, here’s the thing you anonymous wimp who won’t go away. I also target shoot and remember not to shoot people when I am off the range.

Like I said, there’s a time and a place for everything.

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