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So I’ve been getting ideas for words from people since I posted a blog asking for them. And I must say, most of them sucked. I’m not sure who you people are, but you can’t be my friends. Where’s the originality? If I’ve heard you say it, it CAN’T become MY word. It’s already inherently you.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m a mean little wenis, aren’t I?!

This was much easier last year when only the voices in my head participated.

Wenis. I have been testing it out in various applications of my mind and it is really starting to roll around quite naturally.

What the wenis?!

I am so pissed off I could wenis!

Don’t make me wenis.

You’ve been wenised. 

Wenis this, bitches!

Okay, all wenissing aside, here’s some more words sent to me by people who OBVIOUSLY know me and/or need psychiatric help.

Fungible. It doesn’t have the same finesse, but it is very vague and can make people think we carry communicable illness. Never a bad thing, in my opinion, to keep the unwanted people away.

I’m going to fungible that person until they stop talking.

If I fungible you, will you stop?

My day is just fungible, thank you.

Glockenspiel. Seriously. I LOVE this one. I laugh every time I say it.

Give it a glockenspiel.

It is hard as glockenspiel to fit into a phrase.

I mean, she is so glockenspieled she needs new underwear.

I will fucking glockenspiel you.

Mouche. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I bet we all say this differently as we read it. It is such a connundrum it deserves more daily use. I say it like it rhymes with douche.

I mouched myself.

Don’t bring that mouche over here!

I’m sorry, can you repeat that? I was staring at the mouche.

I will mouche your life if you touch that.

Flarp. That just says it all.

Did you flarp?!?

He’s a damn flarper.

I flarped so hard my wenis got scared.

I have to go to the doctor. I think I hurt my flarp.

I will flarp you.

Don’t touch the flarp!

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