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Disclaimer: I mock the Navy in this blog. But it’s okay, I’ve been in the Navy since I was -9 months old. That’s when my dad and mom did something I never want to think about. And now I’m thinking about it. I am going to shank my brain and swirl now…

So the Hubster is regaling me with stories about command PT this morning. He starts off with the amount of miles he biked while inside my head I hear:

blah,blah,blah, bake your cookies for 10 minutes, blah,blah,blah

And then he tells me that the PT leader was doing the Joint Stretching Exercises (I have to make these Navy things so VERY important) they all do together while counting aloud. And once again in my head:

blah,blah,blah, take cookies out of oven when done, blah,blah,blah

And then I make the best joke of the night:

“Now raise the index finger on your dominant hand…and wiggle. Now raise the thumb on your dominant hand…and wiggle. Congratulations, you can now operate the fingers that control a computer mouse and phone. You’re good to go!”

Navy leads the way!!! Hooyah!


That workout has left me sleepy…

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