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My favorite “I quit” moment was at a job where I wanted nothing more than to get out to go somewhere I could be appreciated. I won’t be specific but I can give you some of the goodies.

I gave absolutely no notice and no reason for why I left. And I’m not telling you, either. Unless of course you ask me face to face and I can be sure you are not recording me…hahaha, kind of kidding, kind of not.

I simply walked in before my shift and handed a piece of paper over to the lady in charge  that read:

“This is my notice of resignation, effective immediately. Please send all personal items to my home.”

As I watched the shock turn to anger on her face I had a moment of “You’re an asshole, Heather.” And then the subtle threats began and I realized “Never mind, you’re awesome. Shank you very much.” I merely smiled, refused to answer her questions and walked out as my co-workers asked where I was going.

It was my most glorious moment in life, EVER.

To those of you who are working at a job where you are under-appreciated, overworked, earning peanuts and hating life. FIND A WAY OUT!!!

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