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Today I was reading an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and everything is going swimmingly. New movie, life is great, God is good, drugs are ok if you do them safely, being a director is awesome….wait…did he say doing an illegal drug is good if you do it safely?!?

Why yes, yes he did. It’s safe to do LSD as long as you have a sober friend willing to call the ambulance should shit go wrong.

Good fucking plan! Who wants to be the asshat who calls 911 and explains to the cops that this was a good idea to be a part of WHILE SOBER??? I can just see the cops laughing as they let you go home for the night…in their super comfy jail cell! Where you can learn how shanks are made from the finest shank manufacturers in the world. Watch your back.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH CELEBRITIES? He needs to be shanked in the face. These stupid idiots have nothing better to do with their money and they obviously have way too much of it!

I love when celebrities start whining about how they’re “regular people” and they didn’t sign up to be a “role model”. Well, grow the hell up and get a clue. If you are rich and famous and you make movies to appeal to young adults you better get your shit together. And I’m not even asking you to become a saint. Get speeding tickets, park illegally, shank a paparazzi. Just STOP promoting drug use like it is a normal thing.

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